Academy Membership

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Worth more than $10K!

  • Access to all video courses.
  • Member-only access to office hours.
  • Member-only access to a support mailing list.
  • Get certification for completed courses.
  • Member-only discount on upcoming in-person training sessions.
  • Access to recording of all sessions (in-person or online).
  • Yearly and Monthly plans. You can cancel anytime.
  • Member-only Q&A forum access – Coming very soon.

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Why paying separately for each of the video courses, and paying full price for the in-person courses? There is a better deal for you.

Academy membership will give you access to all video training courses, and you get a member-only discount for in-person events. This is not all of it, using the academy membership, you get access to member-only office hours and having the opportunity to ask questions directly from Reza and Leila. You will get certification for all courses you passed through this plan, and you will have access to a member-only Q&A forum which you can ask all the questions you have. Academy membership is the best deal money can buy. There is a yearly and monthly plan, and you can stop your subscription anytime you want.

Based on our valuation the Academy membership worth more than $10K of content and service, available for you with a small price as cheap as you pay for your gym! Check out all the things you get using Academy Membership:

  • Access to all video courses.
  • Member-only access to office hours.
  • Member-only access to a support mailing list.
  • Get certification for completed courses.
  • Member-only discount on upcoming in-person training sessions.
  • Access to recording of all sessions (in-person or online).
  • Member-only Q&A forum access – Coming very soon.


Access to all video courses

We already have eight video courses published in our academy, and more coming, here are courses:

Member-only access to office hours

Leila and Reza will be hosting webinar-style office hours for Academy members-only, for major time zones. We will be hosting office hours at least every 2 months. During office hours, we will address your most common questions. You can send us questions beforehand through our mailing list or forum, or if there is enough time, you can ask it online at the time of office hours. These meetings will be running under the GoToMeeting platform, and you can join online, or watch the recording later on.

Member-only access to a support mailing list

We will have a dedicated channel that you can come and ask your questions, from day to day support questions for our services and tools and websites, to the technical questions in the world of AI and Power BI. This would be through one of these technologies: Direct Mailing List, Slack channel, or Microsoft Teams. This will be available very soon. (The next few weeks).

Get certification for completed courses

Upon completion of a video course in our academy, you will get a certification issued by RADACAD.

Member-only discount on upcoming in-person training sessions

We have training courses (in-person or live) scheduled almost every month in major cities in the world. Academy members will receive a member-only discount to attend these sessions. There is no limit on the number of training sessions you want to register. However, the discount should be used only for the member. Depends on the session, date, time and location, the saving would be different. This can be for example a saving of almost $400 for a single 2-days training session. This discount is applicable to “non-sales” items only.

Access to recording of all sessions

In addition to access to video courses, you will also have access to other recordings as below;

  • Access to the recording of live training sessions we run through GoToMeeting time by time.
  • Access to the recordings of conferences that we host and run (Difinity)
  • Access to the recordings of Office Hours sessions

This will not include access to the recordings of conference sessions that RADACAD is not hosting or organizing, because in those cases, the Organizer or host of that conference holds the right of any recordings for that conference.

Member-only Q&A forum access

We are working on creating an online forum for all members to join and connect with each other, and ask their questions. This can be also a knowledge base, later on, to search through topics needed. The Forum will be set up in the next few weeks.



How Can I pay?

Answer: You can pay with major credit or debit cards, or using a PayPal account.

How are the payment plans?

Answer: We have payment plans for Monthly and Yearly.

Can I cancel anytime?

Answer: You can cancel your membership anytime through the Account page.

Can I share the Academy Membership account with others?

Answer: No. Academy membership should be used by one person only. At RADACAD, we are watching this closely. If you want to purchase multiple accounts for your organization, please contact us.

I want to pass Microsoft Certifications, are the courses in this plan designed for that?

Answer: At the moment, we do not have a course designed exactly based on the agenda of Microsoft Certification. However, based on our experience (we have passed those certifications and we know what are areas of questions), we know that you will gain much more knowledge than what you need for passing the certification exams.  That said, we are also planning to bring some certification path designs later into our courses.

Is there a trial plan?

Answer: No. However, you can purchase the minimum monthly plan, and then cancel it if you don’t want to go ahead. this way, you will pay only for a month of usage.

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