AI900 Exam preparation (Azure AI Fundamental Exam)

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In this course, the audience will get familiar with five main modules of the AI900 exam learning path from

This course follows all instructions for the Microsoft learning path. This course can be taken for people who did not know about AI and ML or attend the Ai 900 exam preparation. This course aims to have a guide through all modules and give a spirit of hands-on some fundamental azure AI service.

To get ready for the exam, while watching the related videos, also check the related learning path from here

Also, check the knowledge check session at the end of each module.

Module 1 – Introduction to machine learning and AI concepts

This module is the introduction to machine learning and AI concepts. In this module, learners will understand the concepts • Machine learning • Anomaly detection • Computer vision • Natural language processing • Conversational AI and • Responsible AI


Module 1: Lesson 1.1 – Getting started with AI Preview Module 1: Lesson 1.2 – AI Fundamentals Module 1: Lesson 1.3 – Responsible AI Module 1: Lesson 1.4 – Practice Responsible AI

Module 2 – Machine learning is at the primary use of AI

Module 3 – Computer vision

Computer vision is a field of AI to analyze the images data captured from different resources such as camera, social media, forms, receipts, etc. Some many issues and problems can be solved using computer vision or a combination of computer visions. This module contains below Computer vision service • Analyze images • Classify images • Detect Objects • Detect and analyze faces • Read the text in the image • Analyze receipts and Form


Module 3: Lesson 7.1 – Introduction to Computer Vision Module 3: Lesson 7.2 – Cognitive Service Creation Module 3: Lesson 8.1 – Image Classification Introduction Module 3: Lesson 8.2 – Image Classification – Custom Vision ai Module 3: Lesson 8.3 – Image Classification – Custom Vision Module 3: Lesson 9.1 – Object Detection Module 3: Lesson 9.2 – Object Detection Module 3: Lesson 10 – Face Analysis Module 3: Lesson 11 – Form Recognizer

Module 4 – Natural Language processing

Module 5 – Conversational AI

Conversational AI is about creating a bot framework and a dialog between AI agent and human In this module, how to create a knowledge base with the help of a QnA maker will be shown, and how we can use that knowledge base for creating a bot application will be shown


Module 5: Lesson 17.1 – Conversational AI Module 5: Lesson 17.2 – Conversational AI