EmbRaceR: Finding Basic Associations R

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After data overview and preparation, the analytical part begins with intermediate statistics in order to analyze associations between pairs of variables. The fourth course in the EmbRaceR series introduces methods for researching linear dependencies.

There are three options when you deal with pairs of variables: both variables can be discrete, both can be continuous, and one can be continuous and one discrete. You will learn how to measure the associations for all three cases.

In the second module, you will learn how to find basic associations between one dependent variable and multiple independent variables, when variables are either all discrete or all continuous. You will learn about the most widely used algorithms for classification and prediction.

Course Introduction Module: EmbRaceR: Finding Basic Associations (Dejan Sarka)

Module 01: Association between pairs of variables (Dejan Sarka)

Module 02: Multi-variate associations (Dejan Sarka)