On Premises Data Access with Gateways

Power BI can connect to cloud data sources and also on-premises data source. For on-premises connection you need to install and configure gateways on the on-premises servers or machine, and Power BI creates the connection based on that. In this module you learn about different types of gateways and how to set up them for an on-premises data access from Power BI.

Import Data vs DirectQuery

Length: 7 minutes


You can either import data into Power BI, or with some data sources you can connect via DirectQuery as a live connection. Import Data will bring whole data into the Power BI, Full functionality of Power BI including DAX and Power Query will be available with the method. DirectQuery however is available only for limited number of data sources. with DirectQuery data will be fetched each time from the data source. In this lesson you will learn main differences and pros and cons of each method.

Power BI Gateways

Length: 11 minutes


Power BI connects to on-premises data source with gateways. There are two types of gateways; Personal and on-premises (or enterprise) gateway. In this lesson you will learn differences between gateways, and some myth and misconceptions about them. You will learn when is best to use enterprise gateways.

On-Premises Data Gateway and SSAS Tabular Live Connection

Length: 8 minutes


In this lesson you will learn through an end-to-end example how to install, configure, and set up an on-premises or enterprise gateway to connect Power BI service to on-premises SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular database.

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