Designing the best solution with Power Q&A

Power BI introduced a new engine for users which focus on users who wants to play with the data more, and understand the story behind the data better. Power Q&A is question and answering engine which works based on human natural language. Power Q&A automatically will be enabled on Power BI files deployed into Power BI website, or Office 365 subscription. However there are some tips and tricks about how to design your model to get the best type of answers through Power Q&A. In this module you will learn best practices for modelling that effect on the response of Power Q&A.

Power Q&A; How to Ask Questions?

Length: 13 minutes


One of the features in Power BI website which is unique to Power BI and is not available in many BI tools in the market is Power Q&A engine. Power Q&A is a natural question and answering engine in Power BI. With Q&A you can ask your questions from the existing model with natural language and get response with visualization elements! In this lesson I’ll show you some of intelligence questions that you can ask from Q&A to get a very useful response.

Improve Q&A with a Better Data Model

Length: 9 minutes


In this lesson you will learn tips and techniques that you can improve Q&A to answer more intelligent. You will learn how to design your data model in a way that Power Q&A picks the right naming and relationship. You will also learn about using Synonyms in Power BI.

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