Data Modeling

Power Pivot is xVelocity in-memory data modelling engine of the Power BI. Modelling effectively is the key of high performance BI solution. In this module you will learn basics of Power Pivot such as creating relationships, and calculated members, as well as advanced best practices and DAX expressions. DAX is Data Analytical eXpression language. DAX has similar structure to excel functions, but it is different. In this module you will learn DAX from beginner to advance. You will learn basic functions as well as complex functions and scenarios of using them in real world challenges.

Data Modeling and Relationships

Length: 13 minutes


In this lesson you learn basics about data modeling in Power BI which is based on x-Velociy in-memory engine. This engine used in SSAS Tabular, and Power Pivot. You will also learn how to configure relationships in Power BI

Formatting Data Fields

Length: 6 minutes


Numeric fields in Power BI considered as auto summarize, and number of decimal places are automatic up to large number. It is one of the principles of developing a model that you keep formatting right. In this lesson you learn how to apply formatting. You also learn how to hide/un-hide columns and tables.

Sort By Column

Length: 4 minutes


This lesson continues formatting in the data model with an example of how to change sorting of a column based on another column. You will learn how to use month's number for sorting the month name in Power BI.

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