In this module you will learn how to use work groups and sharing in Power BI to share dashboards, reports, and data set within Office 365 group. You will also learn how to implement row level security in different levels. You will learn implementing row level security in Power BI Desktop, or in a data source of SSAS Tabular Live connection, or dynamically.

Sharing Dashboards

Length: 1 minutes


Dashboards can be shared with other members of your organization. Sharing is a simple method of giving read or edit access to reports in Power BI. In this quick lesson you will learn how to use sharing dashboards.

Groups in Power BI

Length: 5 minutes


You can share dashboards with other Power BI user accounts in your organizations, however you can leverage Power BI groups for creating a work group in your organization, and it works with Office 365 groups, contents will be shared with Power BI groups, and managing members are easily possible through Power BI service or Office 365 admin panel. In this lesson I get you through some features and basics about Power BI groups.

Row Level Security in Power BI

Length: 14 minutes


ow Level security is about applying security on a data row level. For example sales manager of united states, should only see data for United States and not for the Europe. Sales Manager of Europe won’t be able to see sales of Australia or United States. And someone from board of directors can see everything. Row Level Security is a feature that is still in preview mode, in this lesson you will learn more about Row Level Security in Power BI through an example

Row Level Security with SSAS Tabular Live Connection

Length: 11 minutes


You can define Row Level Security in Power BI itself, However sometimes you do use SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular as the source for Power BI through Live or DirectQuery connection. SSAS Tabular allows you to create same type of Row Level Security. So it would be much better to use Row Level Security defined in Tabular from Power BI, rather than duplicating that in Power BI. In this lesson I’ll show you an end-to-end solution which contains elements below; Power BI Live Connect to SSAS Tabular through Enterprise Gateway Row Level Security Configuration in SSAS Tabular Viewing the result filtered by RLS in Power BI

Dynamic Row Level Security (Preview)

Length: 9 minutes


There are different methods to use row level security in Power BI; You can set up Row Level Security in Power BI itself, or through a live connection from a data source such as SSAS Tabular. However row level security defined in ways mentioned in blog posts above isn’t dynamic. By dynamic row level security I mean definition of security be besides the user account information in the data source. For example when John log in to the system, based on data tables that shows John is sales manager for specific branch he should be able to see only those branch’s data. This method is possible in Power BI using DAX USERNAME() function. In this lesson I’ll show you an example of dynamic row level security with DAX USERNAME() function in Power BI.

Wrap Up

Length: 1 minutes


Wrap up and thanks for watching this course. Stay tuned with our other Power BI courses.

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